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Straight, No Shooter

Why is the dialogue such a total set-up? Yesterday right after Marlena went into her schpill about how she was combating her "upset stomach," I put on my Roman Voice and mockingly grumbled, 'Herbal tea and crackers?'

Why did he say the exact same thing .2 seconds later?

Why didn't anyone consider Phillip's post-op care? Dude, he lost a leg. Even people w/sprained ankles are careful to make arrangements.

Why was Mimi being so retared yesterday when Rex & The Scooby-doo Gang went to bust her out of jail? Sure she'd have some 'splaning to do about pleading guilty, but if I didn't have to stay in a place where I couldn't shower without having to watch my ass, I'd be doing cartwheels.

Chelsea's "way too sexy?" Yeah, in the same way a twelve-yr-old girl is hot. And where exactly is this "half-way" line for having sex? Is it someplace that can be plotted latitudinally?

Is Frankie's heavy-lidded look Sexy or Suspect?

Marlena: Those flowers are beautiful...are they for me?
John: *brow hike* They're not for Roman.
-- Priceless.

Why did I think it might be funny to see the cork from the champagne bottle pop Mimi in her other eye?

Please tell me that Max sees through Chelsea's game and he'll move on to some other conquest.

It's called an answering machine, Meems. Turn it on once in a while.

Whoa. I've never actually seen Days lapse a scene so fast. Guess it helps when your characters live across the hall from each other.

What is this great love of his/her life bullshit? It's like giving the Lifetime Achievement Award to someone's who's still very much alive. And still achieving.

...Did Jack just try to pawn Jennifer off on Frankie? And then the sudden Jack/Jen snuggling? Frankie, uncomfortable much?

Maybe if Chelsea spent less time at Abby's, she'd have a boyfriend.

Does it seem queer that Rex calls Roman and Kate "Mom" and "Dad"?

I'm thinking that the best move for Belle and Phillip is across town. And not just some other part of Salem.

** Yay -- Beardless!Phillip!!

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