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...Cause it's about time for another one, don'cha think?

The rules of this QM are fairly simple. I supply a description, you supply the appropriate character. I'd love to say that there are no right or wrong answers, but then, why bother playing? Okay, begin:


* I'm an older matriachal figure known primarily for my culinary wizardry. That Betty Crocker broad's got nothing on me. I'm --

* Depending on the mood of the writers, I'm either a blonde or brunette and I've gone from the age of 10 to 16 in the blink of an eye. I've had more actor changes than hip replacements in an old folks home. Think you know who I am?

* Like Zoolander, I've patented my very own look called the WTF?!! face, which I use liberally throughout the show. I've got a younger brother that no one ever mentions and my family once lived in a cardboard box. Yes, its --

* My favorite flavor of male happens to be blond, though I have dipped a few times into brunettes, which ended just as disasterously as all the rest. Some people call me a bitch, but I like to think I'm just highly motivated. But don't ever think about double-crossing --

* I'm one of four sets of multiples written on the show, though I rarely ever make an appearance these days. I like to think of myself as the kindler gentler twin, but if you ask my double, I'm a right pushover, which was probably the reason I was pushed right out the show. Will I ever make a comeback?

* Many think I'd make the perfect neighbor with my girl-next-door wholesomeness and wide blue eyes. The fact that I love playing happily oblivious that nearly every guy in Salem is panting at my door just makes me that much more adorable. I'm Mary Sue -- er --

* With my olive skin and striking good lucks, I could probably have any girl in town, but no, I'm stuck on the one with the Mad Drama. I could've been made into an action figure, which would have pleased my mom to no end. Yep --

* I love my son, maybe to a fault, and will do anything to see his happiness, though these acts probably seem more selfish than selfless. And no matter how many times he's written me off, in the end, there's no denying our bond. Who else could I be but --

* My perfectly arched brows never move as I deliver each line with all the passion of a dead raccoon. I made an unlikely return to the show after playing another role in the 80's, which irks viewers who still remember me as That Other Guy. My God, I'm --


** Only the correct answers will be revealed at the end of the week until every riddle is solved. So in the meantime, grab a friend, Quiz yourselves ^_^

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