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Today's Special

Wait -- Phillip's just caught Shawn & Belle tongue wrestling and all he can manage is "Hey, guys?" ??!

Barf. Can someone please castrate Bo or put Hope's vagina on lockdown?

People, give Sami something juicer in Eugenia's apartment than a tax audit!

Belle's, you're one lucky ho. ColorStay lipstick just saved your ass.

Isn't Billie tired of being jerked around yet? I've practically got whiplash.

Note to Dr. Evans: Never confide in your patients.

Note to Everyone: Never trust Mimi w/a secret.

This is what you get when you create a town full of supposedly perfect people. They forget to be grateful for still being alive.

...How did Lucas know where to find Sami...? Creepy... *whispers*

Psst: You need to run from Mimi, Rex. Quickly.

Sorry, Samster, ya blew it. Next time, tuck a mini recorder in your boobs.

Don't you love when people force advice on others they themselves won't take (Hello, Mimi, Belle, Marlena)?

Brady, lay off the magic mushrooms.

*chuckle* I love John's DUHface.


The portable phone fronting as a cell phone is quickly becoming a serious widespread epidemic.

...Why did Kate look as if she were going to throw up while she was explaining the double ceremony to Lucas and Billie?

Does anyone else find it rude that Mickey couldn't be bothered to make sure that Bonnie knew she was getting The Boot?

Stalker!Shawn: Prowling a hall near you.

Of course Marlena can't wear white. She's a slut.

Maggs was really smirking her ass off when Mickey finally dropped the D-bomb. Okay, the two of them were too raw w/Bonnie. They deserve each other.

Wah. I want Prettyboy!Phillip back. I don't know why Shawn was looking hopeful when he wheeled Phillip in to see Chloe. There is officially ZERO chemistry between her and DesertStorm!Phillip.


Should we just assume everyone else knew that Chloe wasn't dead before she began singing? Cause that would have freaked me out.

John: *touching Marlena's shoulder* We're next.
>> cue ominous music of doom <<

They really like to cut things close, don't they? Because T-Minus one minute to vow renewal just seems naturally like the best time to fess up.

Chloe, it's called self-esteem. Please get some.

Dude, I love Marlena's hypocrisy.

** OMG -- they might actually conduct one of the Baby Reveals in a timely and believable fashion??!


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